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Family business with tradition and foresight.

Welcome to Europe’s No. 1 health care brand. Established in 1919, Beurer is today a family owned business with over 900 employees, specialized in premium health care products.

From the first idea to the finished product, all Beurer products are designed under one roof in Germany. Our global portfolio includes many of the world's best-known consumer health care products.

About us

Specialists for health & wellbeing.

Millions of satisfied customers around the world rely on Beurer products for their everyday health and wellbeing. Beurer offers a comprehensive range of over 500 premium products for almost every possible need.


German roots. International vision.

What does it take for a health and beauty product to become a Beurer health and beauty product? It takes state-of-the-art technologies. It takes people who do great work because they love the work they do. It takes German craftsmen and German quality standards. Not for sentimental reasons but because they have the expertise to produce the quality required.


German excellence. Trusted the world over.

The label "German Made" evokes highest perception levels of quality, efficiency and trust. It is, therefore, not surprising that Beurer manufactures its quality products in Ulm, a small town in south Germany.


Awarded for outstanding standards of excellence.

Corporate awards aren't just about a pat on the back or a quick ego boost. They demonstrate German engineering at its best and underline the pride that our employees take in their work. Beurer belongs to an exclusive circle of selected brands awarded “Brand of the Century”.


Customer driven innovation.

A business can never place too much emphasis on its customers. The customer is the foundation of any business' success. Beurer has continually created product milestones to satisfy customer needs around the world and continually revolutionized the market.

From the invention of electrically operated heating pads, thermostats, electric blankets, the first neck-heating pad, blood pressure monitors and clinical thermometers to the launch of SleepLine in 2016, product innovation has always epitomized the company.

Beurer was named "Brand of the century“ in 2015, honoring almost a century of pioneering achievements.

Käthe and Eugen Beurer were living in poor conditions at Frauenstrasse 57 in Ulm, Germany. But the couple, in particular Käthe Beurer as the driving force, had an idea, a vision: as an alternative to the then very common hot water bottle, electrically operated heating pads would provide people with cosy warmth in future. A very practical invention in times in which central heating was not a standard feature of a home. Heinrich Stanger from Reutlingen had become acquainted with the manufacture of heating pads whilst in the USA and, following his return to Ulm in 1908, started production of the first models in Germany. The relevant expertise was therefore on hand when Käthe Beurer and her husband ventured into self-employment in 1919. Despite all the difficult circumstances, "production" began, albeit in modest conditions at first. The first units were produced using two sewing machines in their bedroom at home.

At the end of the 1920s, the cat's head was established as the logo. "Beurer cat brings warmth and comfort to a cold bed!" That was the slogan with which Beurer aggressively and yet humorously addressed potential customers from 1930 onward. The cat logo united all the qualities that one had come to expect from the products of this still young company. Warmth, comfort and well-being should all be experienced by the owners of Beurer heating pads. The real cat on the lap had at this point already become a bit of a veteran. Other attributes of our purring, four-legged friend – trust, homeliness and reliability – were synonymous with Beurer products. The cat's head would characterise the image of Beurer for almost 70 years.

Beurer produced special thermal clothing for pilots in the war. After the war in 1945, the whole company site in Söflingen lay in ruins and ashes, expensive machinery and raw materials had been destroyed and at first it looked like restarting would be impossible. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Beurer family was, as in many medium-sized German companies, unbroken and therefore the rebuilding of the Beurer plant began immediately after the end of the war. In the very same year, the company was able to start initial – albeit limited – production.

The patent for a stepless temperature control followed. In the same year, production of the bed warmer began. After slow sales to begin with, it increasingly became the biggest revenue contributor. Beurer presented modern irons, known as "high-speed ironers".

Hans-Dieter Bühler, the son-in-law of Bernhard Beurer, became the third generation of the family to join the company.

While Beurer boasted a considerable market share (approx. 75%) in the area of heating products at the beginning of the 1980s, the demand for this segment was gradually stagnating. To counteract this development, Beurer supplemented the range with other and new products that were not related to flexible heating. The expansion of the range was mainly pursued by Dr Hans-Dieter Bühler. The new category was christened with the trendsetting name "BodyFit". At that time, it included massagers, infrared lamps and blood pressure monitors. A particular highlight to mention is that Eberhard Gienger, World Champion on the high bar, became the new face of the BodyFit line advertisements in 1987. Over the years, "BodyFit" grew more and more rapidly and even though the name was dropped many years ago, the products from this area make up 70% of today's revenue.

Start of fully automated production of underblankets. Marco Bühler became the fourth generation of the family to join the company and became technical director in 2004.

Establishment of Beurer Far East Ltd., with head office in Hong Kong for quality control and supplier management. Worldwide partnerships and investments, expansion towards Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Launch of the heart rate monitor range.

Beurer is awarded the title of "Brand of the Century" by German media and economic experts for its heating pads. The company confirms the accolade in 2015 when it is once again named brand of the century for heating pads. The title was awarded by the renowned publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt.

Beurer is among the "Top 100 Growth and Revenue Stars" chosen by the Munich Strategy Group, together with the daily newspaper "Die Welt".

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